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Dubai Visa Online

Thinking of Dubai vacations with your friends and families? You can now apply for Dubai Visa online and receive it in 5 days. If you are opting for the easiest and fastest way to apply for an online Dubai visa for UK residents, holidays are guaranteed. For UK residents, there are different types of Dubai visas available. Based on the purpose and duration of your travel, you can choose the required visa and apply online.

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Countries Eligible for Online Dubai Visa

What is Dubai E-visa?

Dubai E-visa is an electronic visa that enables eligible citizens to visit Dubai or other Emirates for a short period. The eVisa takes around 3-4 business days as processing time. Tourists can go shopping, enjoy a Dubai trip, spend quality time with families or friends, can attend meetings, and explore the monuments with this type of visa.

Dubai eVisa has gained immense popularity across the world with the advancement of time and a tourist can apply from anywhere in the world in just a few clicks. The tourist receives all the travel-related documents over the registered email address.

Types of Dubai e-visa

The types of Dubai e-visa are listed below, where you can get an idea about the visa you wanted to apply for.

  • 48-hour visa for single entry
  • 96-hour visa for single entry
  • 14 days short term visa for single or multiple entries
  • 30 days short term visa for single or multiple entries
  • 90 days visa for single or multiple entries
  • 90 days visa for job seekers
  • 5 years visa for multiple entries

From the issue date, the visa is valid for 60 days.

Required Documents for Dubai eVisa

To apply for the Dubai eVisa, the following documents are required.

Passport copy that has a validity of 6 months.

Passport size colored photograph copy.

A photocopy of the birth certificate is required for the kids aged between 0-13 years with the above documents.

Dubai Sticker Visa

In the process of getting a Dubai sticker visa, an applicant has to follow the physical process by visiting the embassy. To get the sticker visa, along with the supporting document you have to submit the original passport at the embassy or the immigration department. Check the following points for the process.

You need not be disappointed, if your nationality does not qualify for an online Dubai visa, you have always the option of a sticker visa.

The immigration department or embassy plays a major role in the visa validity and stay validity in the sticker visa process.

The processing time of a sticker visa will completely depend on your nationality.

What documents are required for a Dubai sticker visa?

  • Before you start your journey, the passport should bear validity of 6 months.
  • Recently clicked passport size two photographs.
  • Proof of your citizenship
  • Mandatory travel insurance
  • Active bank statement from the past 6 months
  • Proof of occupation
  • Vaccination certificate
  • In case you’re applying for a business visa then a business invitation letter

Why Dubai e-visa is better than a Dubai sticker visa?

  • The online application form of Dubai eVisa is easy.
  • You can apply the application form from anywhere in the world.
  • Dubai eVisa is much cheaper and more convenient.
  • The online Dubai visa takes less processing time as compared to another one.
  • Less documentation is required in Dubai eVisa.
  • You can choose your type of visa from different types of Dubai tourist visas with different stay abilities.
  • You can download the approved Dubai eVisa in the pdf format also.
  • You can visit all the emirates with the approved Dubai eVisa.
  • In the Dubai eVisa process, you don’t have to stand at the immigration counter or don’t need to provide your original documents.
  • With the reference number, you can simply track down the status of an application.

Know the UAE Visa Rules & Conditions

There are some rules & conditions that you should have taken care of while applying for the Dubai Visa. Read such rules & conditions below:

  • After submitting your application, visa fees should be made online.
  • Once you paid visa fees then it is non-refundable.
  • Visa approval will take 24-72 hours of processing time.
  • Immigration approval is a must for entry to Dubai.
  • From the issuing date, all visas are valid for 60 days and the validity to stay will depend on the visa type you have applied for.
  • During the COVID-19 time, passengers must hold a negative report of the COVID-19 PCR test while traveling to Dubai and the sample taken for the test must not be more than 48 hours before the scheduled flight. All Dubai tourist visas can be extended for 30 to 90 days by paying the additional fees.

Get the process of Dubai Tourist e-visa simply done with Dubai-visa.co.uk

While applying online visa or e-visa with us, you bypass visiting embassies, which can save time and escape many obstructions. Your online Dubai visa application is considered by the embassy with the submission of information laid down by the ministry of the country.

To fasten the chances of visa approval, our team of experts carefully verifies the online visa application form and documents submitted by you. In case of urgent travel, applicants can opt for a different type of Dubai visa service. In the inbox of your registered email address, you can view the Dubai tourist visa application and approved visa.

Here are some steps to getting a Dubai Visa from the EU/United Kingdom:

Step-1 (Choose the UAE Visa Type)-

Our Dubai visa application process takes no time. According to your purpose and requirements, choose the Dubai tourist visa type among the type of Dubai visas. After collecting all the required documents, click on the Apply Now button.

Step-2 (Start the process by clicking Apply Now)-

To start the process you will need certain information like passport number, scanned copy of your passport, email address, passport-size photo, and scanned copy of your UK Resident Permit. Fill out all this information carefully in Dubai online visa application. After filling out the information upload the documents and take the next step to get an online UAE visa.

Step-3 (Upload the Documents and make payment)-

This is the last step of your online emirates Dubai visa application. Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, or American Express, you can make the payment through these debit cards or credit cards. After making payment you will get a confirmation mail from our website and process your online UAE visa application.

This is the last step of your online emirates Dubai visa application. Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, or American Express, you can make the payment through these debit cards or credit cards. After making payment you will get a confirmation mail from our website and process your online UAE visa application.

Depending upon the type of visa you have chosen, the validity of an eVisa ranges from 30 days, 1 year to 5 years. Allowing suitable visits and convenient travel Dubai E-visa comes with single or multiple entries.

What is the reason behind my Dubai Visa rejection?

Dubai experiences a significant transient population. The transient could be tourists, business persons, or workers. Sometimes visa approvals get rejected due to some reasons. This may lead to holding in your travel plan especially when you have in urgent need of a flight. These reasons are mentioned below-

Forms are incomplete- Your incomplete form can be the main reason behind your visa approval rejection. Applicants are advised to fill in the information asked to consider their Dubai visit visa application, in the form. Eligibility- Due to the ineligibility of the applicant seeking the visa, the applications for Dubai Visa are mostly rejected.

The quality of documents is poor- If you are uploading unclear copies of passport photographs for visa approval then you might face visa rejection.

Submitting wrong information- Please check the information carefully before submitting it because many applicants provide wrong addresses or spelling mistakes. In such a case, inaccurate information will not let you get visa approval.

Unclear travel purpose- This is one of the primary reasons for Dubai tourist visa rejection when you didn’t mention the clear travel visit purpose.

Insufficient budget- The Dubai online visa application gets rejected also due to the inability to have enough budget.

Inaccurate trip itinerary- Your Dubai visa application probably gets rejected if you provide an unclear or long trip itinerary.

Criminal history- You get banned from getting a visa if you have a criminal history or background.

Your Travel Checklist

There are some essentials that you must carry along with you when you are traveling to Dubai. Here is your travel checklist that you must think about before leaving for Dubai.

  • Passport with a validity of a minimum of 6 months
  • Your Dubai visa as per your trip purpose
  • Roundtrip tickets
  • Details of accommodation
  • Your planned trip itinerary
  • At the airport, don’t forget about currency exchange
  • Copy of UK resident permit or ID proof
  • Keep extra scanned copy of passport and tickets
  • Due to hot and arid weather conditions keep sunscreens and sunglasses

Faq Questions

If you're applying for a Dubai visa from the UK, the process is quite easy & simple. You can apply for a Dubai visa UK in two modes, the first mode is by applying offline mode and in the second mode you can apply online through our website Dubai-visa.co.uk.

  • If you’re applying Dubai visa online application then first go to our website Dubai-visa.co.uk and go through the types of Dubai visas you want.

  • Click now on the apply now button when you select the type of visa and then proceed for further steps.

  • Assemble all the required documents and scanned copies of documents that are required.

  • Upload the documents after filling the information in the form.

  • When you have done with the process of uploading then make payment for the Dubai visa fee and we will send you a confirmation mail thereafter.

  • Now you are done with the online Dubai visa application process.

Yes, Dubai Visa is available now and you can visit Dubai from the UK anytime. Dubai is allowing tourists so, apply now to get a Dubai visa from the UK. 

You will need below mentioned documents to get the Dubai Visa UK.

  • Passport with a minimum 6-month validity
  • Passport size photograph
  • UK residence permit
  • A valid email id

For every visa type, the cost of a Dubai visa is different. Check the list for the Dubai visa prices with different visas.

14 Days Visa (Single entry and Multiple entries) -

30 Days Visa (Single entry and Multiple entries) -

90 Days Visa (Single entry and Multiple entries) -

Yes, if you’re visiting Dubai then you will need a UAE visa. However, British citizens can apply for a visa on arrival. But the Pakistani, Nigerians and other country residents in the UK need to apply for a visa before. 

British citizens can apply for a visa on arrival. You can apply for a Dubai visa UK in two modes, the first mode is by applying offline mode and in the second mode you can apply online through our website Dubai-visa.co.uk. 

Yes, you can travel to Dubai on a tourist visa from the UK. On our website at Apply Now, You can apply for a tourist Dubai visa from the UK.

Applying online through our website is the easiest way to apply for a Dubai visa from the UK. You can get a UAE visa in 3 to 5 business days and the process won’t require you to visit the embassy.

October to February is considered the best time to visit Dubai. To explore and enjoy Dubai Tourism, the pleasant environment at this time of the year will be a good choice. You should avoid the summer season if you are planning to visit Dubai as a tourist. 

Yes, Dubai is one of the safest places to visit in the world for tourists and female travelers. Due to the lower crime rate, Dubai is the safest place to travel. 

There can be any reason behind your UAE visa rejection. However, there is a list mentioned below for some Dubai Visa rejection reasons.

  • Forms are incomplete
  • Eligibility
  • The quality of documents is not good
  • Submitting wrong information
  • Unclear travel purpose
  • Insufficient budget
  • Inaccurate trip itinerary
  • Criminal history

There are some things that you should know about before applying for a Dubai visa from the UK.

Plan your visit between October to March which is the best time to visit Dubai.

Don’t ever plan your visit to Dubai during the summer season.

Before the date of your visit to Duba, book flights in 6 months advance.

Book your accommodations in advance.

If you’re visiting Dubai during Ramadan then respect the traditions. You can’t drink, eat, or smoke in public places.

Dress modestly.

In the UAE, public display of affection is offensive and you get arrested for this.

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