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NOTE: Upload of passport and photograph are not mandatory to complete the visa application form. You can provide us these documents later also on email: [email protected] or on WhatsApp +971-552416849

Traveling to Dubai can be the most exciting journey that you have had in a while. With experiencing the mega marvels and sinking to its generous culture, you would not once regret visiting this place of never-ending happiness, thrills and excitement. But for this you will need to apply for a Dubai Visa, here’s a detailed guide to filling up the Visa Application Form.

What Are The Documents Needed To Apply?

To get a Visa to Dubai, you are required to submit a few documents, let’s take a look at the required documents.

  • You will need to have a passport that is valid and has a minimum validity of 6 months available.
  • A Passport size photograph of you against a white or plain background.
  • Additional documents such as the national ID, tickets, hotel bookings only if asked.

Nationals of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran need to submit a copy of the National ID for Verification.

Types Of Dubai Visas Available With Prices

Visa Types

Visa Price

14 Days Single Entry Visa

139 GBP

14 Days Multiple Entry Visa

245 GBP

30 Days Single Entry Visa

149 GBP

30 Days Multiple Entry Visa

319 GBP

60 Days Single Entry Visa

299 GBP

60 Days Multiple Entry Visa

549 GBP

90 Days Single Entry Visa

450 GBP

48 Hours Single Entry Dubai Transit Visa

88 GBP

96 Hours Single Entry Dubai Transit Visa

96 GBP

How To Apply For A Dubai Visa?

You can easily apply if you follow this step-by-step guide on obtaining a Dubai Visa.

  • Visit
  • Fill in the country you belong to and the country from which you will travel to Dubai from.
  • Select a visa that best suits your travel requirement, the time of stay and the entries.
  • Begin to fill in the Visa Application Form with accurate details, like your name, passport information and contact details.
  • Proceed to upload the Documents(passport, picture and other required documents).
  • After the upload is completed, pay the visa fee in a secure gateway in the next step.

Note : Save the reference number that will be sent to you after successful payment to track your visa status whenever needed.

What To Remember During The Application

  • Make sure that the entries entered by you in the application form are correct.
  • Choose the best visa that suits your Dubai Visit needs.
  • The submitted Passport should have a validity of 6 months at-least.
  • Keep all the supporting documents available.
  • Apply at least 30 days prior to your date of travel.
  • Be updated with the Visa rules and regulations of Dubai.
  • Keep tracking the visa for visa status updates.

Faq's About Dubai Visa Application Form

Yes, you can apply again with for a Dubai Visa if the application was canceled.
You can apply for a Dubai Visa with ease at
Yes, please visit the track page on the website and use the reference number that was sent to you after successful application.
You can visit the GDRFA and enter the Visa number, all the details will be shown up for you.
You will receive email updates, however you can visit and enter the reference number on the “Track” page to check your visa application live status.