48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa

Express service also available

Overview - 48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa

How boring would it be to wait for your connecting flight in an international airport and the layover time is around 2 days or more and you can’t even exit the Airport. Well, not with a 48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa, with this visa in hand you can step out of the Airport and explore some of UAE for the time that is available between the flights. Sounds fun right? What’s even better is the process of getting it. By submitting a few documents and information, you will have your Dubai Transit Visa in no time.

Eligibility Requirements For A 48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa

The requirements of a Transit Visa is bare minimum such as any traveler who has a stop at any of the airports in the UAE for more than 8 hours can easily apply for a 48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa and citizens of most of the country are eligible for getting a transit visa however, make sure that your country of origin is applicable to apply for a visa between transit through the UAE.

What Are The Required Documents To Apply 48 Hours Transit Visa?

You can apply for a Visa with the least documentation and time taken only at Dubai-Visa.co.uk, here’s what you’ll need  -

  • Recent Passport-Size Photograph in a plain background.
  • Passport with at-least 6 months of available validity.
  • You might be asked to provide an onward journey flight ticket.

Note : Residents of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran And Iraq must submit their national ID at the time of application.

How To Apply For A 48 Hours In-Transit Visa?

With our streamlined visa application experience, anyone with a basic smartphone or computer knowledge can easily apply for a transit visa, follow this step-by-step guide process to easily apply for a Visa - 

  • Visit dubai-visa.co.uk and enter details on your resident country and country of origin to check your eligibility.
  • From the list of visas available, choose the 48 hours transit visa and click on “Apply Now”
  • Fill in the form that appears in front of you with the basic details and contact information and make sure there is no error.
  • Upload the supporting documents ( Passport, Photograph and Tickets if required).
  • Proceed to pay to complete the application of your Visa application.

What is The Visa Fees For Transit Visa?

The price has been divided into two parts, one is for the standard visa and the other is the urgent visa.

Visa Type

Visa Fee

48 Hours Transit Visa Standard

88 GBP

48 Hours Transit Visa Urgent

188 GBP

What Is The Processing Time For The 48 Hours Transit Visa?

There are two separate services available for delivery timeframe and you can choose the one that suits your needs. If you have some time in hand, you can opt for a Standard Visa that will be processed and sent to you within 48-72 hours and incase if you need it urgently or this happened to be a last minute plan, you can apply for our urgent visa service that will have the visa delivered within just 6 hours or less.

48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa
48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa
88 GBP
Service Type : Express Visa-Single Entry
Visa Processing : Time 02 - 03 Days
Visa Validity : 30 days from the date of issue
Stay Validity : 48 hours from the date of entry

How to apply for a 48 Hours Single Entry Dubai Transit Visa?

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FAQs About 48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa & Other Topics.

The visa allows an individual to legally leave the airport and explore Dubai in the limited time available between the layover time for your onward flight to your destination.
The wait time depends on the visa service that you opted for while submitting your application. With standard application it takes upto 3 business days while express visa will be sent to you within 6 hours.
The charge of the visa is dynamic and may vary at the time of your application, please refer to the application for the latest price.
Once the visa application has been submitted, there is no possible way in which the refund can be processed, you can reapply with genuine details and documents if the visa application is rejected.