Ultimate Guide to Sky Diving in Dubai: From Locations, Prices and Rules
Jun 21, 2024

Ultimate Guide to Sky Diving in Dubai: From Locations, Prices and Rules

Dubai is renowned for its amazing adventure activities, Sky Diving in Dubai is one of them. Sky Diving Involves leaping from an airplane and diving out from it for an exhilarating and highly enjoyable experience that we will cover in detail in this post.

Sky Diving Dubai is truly remarkable because you can witness spectacular views from above. There is the iconic Palm Island which resembles small trees from above; and when leaping over the desert. We will provide a comprehensive guide to skydiving in Dubai including preparations, and what you may encounter. Whether this is your first skydive experience or you have done it previously, this guide is here to assist you. So what are you waiting for, grab your Dubai Visa Online now and head on to this breathtaking adventure.


Rules And Restrictions Before You Go For Skydiving In Dubai

Before you go skydiving in Dubai, there are a few crucial rules and limitations that you must be aware of. These guidelines are designed to make sure that you are safe and secure:-

  • Age: You have to be at least 18 years old as the sport is a bit adult-oriented sport 

  • BMI: You must have a standardized BMI. Women should weigh 90kg at least whereas men must weigh at least 100kg also  27.5 & 30.0 BMI for females and males respectively

  • Health: You must be healthy and fit. If you have any medical condition, make sure to inform the instructors before your skydive in Dubai

  • Clothing: Dress comfortably because you will need to move freely and your clothes must not get caught inside the gear for skydiving

  • Alcohol: Avoid drinking before your skydive in Dubai. If you violate this rule, you won’t be permitted to skydive 

  • Weather: Make sure that the weather is good for sky diving in Dubai if there’s an occurrence of bad weather, your sky diving experience may be rescheduled.


Skydiving Locations in Dubai

Skydiving Locations in Dubai

Dubai is an excellent location to skydive in as it offers 2 incredible spots. Each offers an entirely different experience and views. When you go skydiving in Dubai, you have 2 options- Desert Drop Zone and Palm Drop Zone. Here is everything about both major sky-diving locations in Dubai:-

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Desert Drop Zone

It is located outside the city, close to the desert. If you like skydive here, you will be able to see the vast beautiful desert. With its dunes. The park is open from September until May. You leap off the plane and drop into the air above the amazing dunes of the Arabian Desert. It’s as if you’re flying. Ground school, the location where you learn how to skydive is situated below the ground. The instructors will organize a quick workshop where you will be given a brief about safety instructions and things that you must know before you skydive. 


Palm Drop Zone

The Palm drop zone for sky diving in Dubai is the one that you must have seen on social media. It is unique and is open all year long. You can skydive over Palm Jumeirah Island which is a human-made island that resembles a palm tree which can be only observed from high above the ground. The view of the Palm Jumeirah is stunning from above. Imagine having a view of Burj Khalifa, Arabian Sea, and Plam Jumeirah in one frame that too from high above the ground. It’s mesmerizing. You can make Tandem Jumps that is, you’ll jump in tandem with an instructor.

Both locations are managed by Skydive Dubai. They ensure that you are secure and safe while having fun. They will check your weight and ensure you're not too heavy to be able to use the apparatus. Also, you must put on the appropriate clothing and footwear. 

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Skydive Dubai Tickets: Price And How To Get One!

If you'd like to skydive in Dubai then you must purchase tickets. Skydive Dubai's price starts from AED 1899. This skydiving Dubai cost includes a jump with a trainer as well as insurance, videos, and photos of your adventure. You can book a ticket online by visiting the Skydive Dubai’s official website. Choose a suitable date and time for your adventure and pay using a convenient payment method of your choice to book a Sky Dive Dubai ticket online.

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Indoor Skydiving In Dubai

Indoor Sky Diving Dubai is a thrilling experience that allows people to fly, without having to jump from an aircraft. It’s a recreational activity and is done in a huge tube known as a wind tunnel. The tunnel has powerful fans on the floor. When fans start, you are propelled into the air which feels as if you are in the air. 

In Dubai, there are several places such as In-Flight Duba or iFly Dubai which allow everyone to attempt indoor skydiving. These locations have huge wind tunnels and transparent walls from where you can enjoy the view of your surroundings. 

Before you technically take off, you will be given a comfortable and loose suit, helmet, and goggles to ensure you are safe. An instructor will also be there to look after you. When it’s time to enter the tunnel along with your instructor, you are lifted by the wind blowing inside and you begin to float. The instructor will assist you in flying further, turning around, or even flipping while flying.

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Why Indoor Skydiving Is Perfect For Newcomers?

Indoor Skydiving is a great option for beginners because it’s safe and simple to attempt. It isn’t necessary to jump from the plane. You fly within the room and have the wind blowing down from below. The wind keeps you upright and allows you to move like you are flying. It’s like skydiving, however, without high altitude in the Sky. 

Anyone can participate in the indoor Dubai Sky Dive. It doesn’t require you to be extremely strong or possess special skills. Children and even older adults can try it. Before you get started with the instruction class, an instructor guides you in the proper way to proceed. They will provide you with an outfit, goggles, and headgear to wear. The greatest aspect of Skydiving indoors is the fact that it's not a scary experience. You're not flying far enough up and you will be confident that you're safe. 


Gyrocopter flights in Dubai

Gyrocopter flights in Dubai provide an exciting way to experience the city from above. Gyrocopters are small aircraft that combine features found on helicopters with engine-powered propellers in an airplane for maximum airborne performance and comfortable travel for two passengers and their pilot. 

If you are someone who does not want to experience that thrill of SkyDiving, you can go for the Gyrocopter Flight Dubai which offers even more joy as you scout across the sky of Dubai for around 20 minutes while enjoying Dubai’s cityscape from above. Before your flight, you will meet your pilot who will give a brief on how the Gyrocopter Flight works. 


Things To Remember For First Time Sky Divers

If you are skydiving for the first time, here are a few important things to keep in mind for an unforgettable visa experience:-

  • Be Ready in Your Mind: Skydiving requires you to be more brave than tough. Make sure that you are mentally prepared for the adventure. Consider the fun, not the fear

  • Dress Right: Wear clothes that fit close to your body. You'll wear a jumpsuit over them. Also, wear sneakers that tie up. This helps you stay comfy and safe

  • Eat a Little: Have something light, a small nutritious meal this will give make you feel good. Drink plenty of water, too, so you don't become thirsty

  • Listen to Your Instructor: Learn and keep a note of everything the instructor has briefed you about

  • Body Shape: When you perform the dive, shape your body in the form of an apple for a better experience

  • Have Fun: Remember that skydiving is all about joy and fun, take in the views and enjoy the thrill while falling off from the sky



Q: Is it worth skydiving in Dubai?

Yes, skydiving in Dubai is the ultimate adventure sport best for thrill-enthusiasts. 

Q: Is skydiving in Dubai strict on weight?

If you want to experience sky diving in Dubai, you must make sure that you adhere to the strict guidelines. If not done correctly major safety issues may appear.

Q: How long is the total time to skydive in Dubai?

The skydiving adventure takes around 4-5 hours, from the check-in to your landing on the ground.

Q: What do you wear to skydive in Dubai?

Wear lightweight, comfortable sport clothes. Avoid wearing layers and heavy clothes.

Q: What is the best time to skydive in Dubai?

The best time to skydive in Dubai is during October and April when the weather is great and cooler.



Sky Diving Dubai is one of the most adventurous sports activities in Dubai. Imagine gliding in the sky while absorbing stunning views of Dubai from high above the ground. Whether you choose the desert or the Palm for your jump the views are amazing. This post was all about Skydiving in Dubai, we covered various aspects and shared crucial tips about Skydiving in Dubai..