Express Dubai Visa From UK: Apply Today, Explore Dubai Tomorrow!
Feb 10, 2024

Express Dubai Visa From UK: Apply Today, Explore Dubai Tomorrow!

When it comes to travel visas, time is often of the essence, a standard visa application process can be lengthy and time-consuming, but with the Dubai Express Visa, you can skip all these time-consuming procedures and redeem the ease of getting a visa with

The convenience of an Express Visa lies in its promise to get you a visa within 24 hours after applying. takes it a step further and offers a streamlined application process that gets you a Dubai Express Visa from UK in just 6 hours. Yes, you read that right – apply today and find yourself in the UAE tomorrow.

In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of obtaining a UAE Express Visa, providing you with all the necessary information and steps to make your application as smooth as possible.

What Is A Dubai Express Visa?

A Dubai express visa is a special visa application feature that expedites the visa approval process, allowing the applicants to obtain their visas for the UAE in a short amount of time. While a standard visa application process typically takes several days or even a week to process, the express visa at option guarantees a quick turnaround, providing visa approval within a few hours.

Types Of Dubai Express Visas

14 Days Single Entry Visa Dubai Visa

14 days

Single Entry

Short trips or stopovers

30 Days Single Entry Dubai Visa

30 days

Single Entry

Longer stays or vacations

60 Days Single Entry Dubai Visa

60 days

Single Entry

Extended stays or business trips

30 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa

30 days

Multiple Entry

Travelers planning multiple visits

60 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa

60 days

Multiple Entry

Frequent travelers or multiple itineraries

How To Apply For A Dubai Express Visa?

Step 1 

Visit on your mobile phone or PC.

Step 2

Select the "Urgent In 6 Hours" tab at the top of the page.

Step 3

You will be redirected to our WhatsApp page.

Step 4

Connect with our team and provide all the necessary details about your travel plan.

Step 5

Make your payment using your preferred payment option

Make sure that all the information you provide is correct and follows the latest visa regulations of your home country as well as Dubai. 

How Much Time Does The Application Procedure Take?

Unlike traditional visa procedures that can take several weeks, the UAE Express Visa ensures that you receive your visa within just 6 hours of submitting your application.

The expedited process for a Dubai visa is made possible through the efficient services provided by After completing the online application form and submitting all the required documents, you can expect to receive your visa in as little as 6 hours. This means that if you apply in the morning, you could be exploring Dubai by evening! With such an efficient and quick procedure for obtaining a UAE Express Visa, travellers can save precious time and enjoy more of what Dubai has to offer.

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Can I Track Dubai Express Visa Application?

Yes, you can easily check the status of your Dubai Express Visa application using the application reference number. Here is how to do it:-

Step 1

Head on to

Step 2

Enter your application reference number 

Step 3

Hit the “Submit” button

Your Dubai Express visa application status will appear typically in one of the following terms- Approved, Rejected, In Process, or Pending.

Is It Safe To Apply For An Express Visa Online?

Applying for a UAE Express Visa online may seem like a new concept for some travellers, raising questions about the safety and legitimacy of the process. However, rest assured that obtaining an Express Visa online is a secure and reliable method.

When applying for a UAE Express Visa through, you can be confident in the following:

  • Secure Website: The website uses SSL encryption to protect your personal and payment information.
  • Trusted Service Provider: has been providing visa services for several years and has established a trusted reputation
  • Verified Payment Gateways: During the payment process, uses secure and verified payment gateways that ensure the protection of any sensitive information
  • Prompt Customer Support: In case of any queries or concerns, our customer support team is readily available to assist you via email or phone

Faqs Around Dubai Express Visa

What Is Express Visa For Dubai?

An Express Visa for Dubai is a rapid visa service that expedites the processing of the Dubai visa  application process, delivering visas within 6 hours.

Can I Get An Express Visa For Dubai? 

Yes, you can obtain an express visa for Dubai.

How Much Does A Dubai Express Visa Cost? 

The cost of the Dubai Express visa can vary depending on the type and duration of the visa. It is best to visit the website of for accurate pricing.

Can I Get A Dubai Visa In 2 Hours? 

Yes, it is possible to obtain a Dubai visa in as little as 2 hours with the UAE Express Visa option.

What Is The Fastest Way To Get A Visa For Dubai? 

The fastest way to obtain a visa for Dubai is through the UAE Express Visa service provided by

How Long Does A Dubai Express Visa Take? 

The processing time for a Dubai Express Visa is just 6 hours, allowing you to receive your visa in a short amount of time.

How Can I Get A UAE Express Visa? 

You can easily get a UAE express visa with


A Dubai Express Visa is an end-time saviour for travellers who need a Dubai visa urgently. With its promise of getting your visa within just 6 hours, you can truly apply today and find yourself stepping foot in Dubai tomorrow. offers a streamlined application process that makes obtaining a UAE Express Visa quick and convenient. By following their easy online application form and ensuring you have all the necessary documents ready, you can save yourself precious time and energy.