Dubai Visa Tips From UK: Things You Must Know Before Applying For Dubai Visa [2024]

Dubai Visa Tips From UK: Things You Must Know Before Applying For Dubai Visa [2024]
Feb 09, 2024

Planning a trip to Dubai visa from UK? Navigating the visa application process might seem hectic, but with a few simple tips, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. In this article, we will provide you with 8 essential tips to help you navigate through the process smoothly and ensure a successful visa application. By following these tips, you can streamline the visa application process and increase your chances of obtaining a Dubai visa without any complications.

Dubai Visa Tips From UK Things You Must Know Before Applying For Dubai Visa [2024]

Apply Early 

If you are planning a trip to the Dubai consider applying well in advance. Starting the application process early allows ample time for any unforeseen delays or complications that may arise. Submitting your visa application at the last minute can add unnecessary stress and increase the risk of errors or missing documents. 

By applying early, you give yourself sufficient time to carefully go through all requirements and gather all necessary documents. 

Applying early also provides flexibility in case any changes need to be made to your travel itinerary. If you need to reschedule your trip or modify your travel dates, having an approved visa well in advance allows you to make these adjustments without worrying about visa validity.

Choose The Right Type Of Visa

When applying for a Dubai visa from the UK, it is crucial to choose the right type of visa that matches the purpose and duration of your trip. Dubai offers various types of visas, each catering to different travel purposes. Here are some key points to consider when selecting the appropriate visa:

Types Of Visas According To The Duration Of Visit

  • 14 Days SINGLE VISA ENTRY: Ideal if you plan to stay in Dubai for a short duration, such as a business meeting or a brief holiday.
  • 30 Days SINGLE VISA ENTRY: Suitable for longer trips, allowing you to explore various attractions and experience Dubai's culture.
  • 60 Days SINGLE VISA ENTRY: A great option if you have an extended stay planned or if you wish to visit family and friends in Dubai.
  • 30 Days MULTIPLE VISA ENTRY: If you foresee multiple entries into Dubai within a 30-day period, this visa type allows flexibility and convenience.
  • 60 Days MULTIPLE VISA ENTRY: Similar to the above one, this visa grants multiple entries over a 60-day period.

Types Of Visa According To The Purpose Of Your Visit:-

  • Tourist Visa: If you are planning to visit Dubai for leisure, sightseeing, or visiting friends and family, a tourist visa is suitable. It allows you to stay in Dubai for a maximum of 30 days.
  • Business Visa: If you are traveling for business-related purposes such as attending conferences, meetings, or exploring business opportunities, a business visa is required.
  • Transit Visa: If you have a layover in Dubai and plan to spend less than 96 hours in the city before continuing your journey, a transit visa is necessary.
  • Work Visa: If you have secured employment in Dubai and will be working for an extended period, you will need a work visa sponsored by your employer.

Gather All Essential Documents Before Starting Your Application

Before you begin your Dubai Visa application process, make sure you have gathered all the necessary documents. Failing to upload a document will lead to delays or even a rejection. Make sure you have these following documents readily available:-

  • Passport- Make sure you have a valid passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the day of your arrival in Dubai
  • Passport Sized Photograph- You will need scanned version of your latest passport-sized photograph with a plain white background
  • Proof Of Nationality- If you are a citizen of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, or Iraq, you may be required to provide additional documentation such as your national ID card. 

Having all these documents ensures that there is no last minute surprises and increases the chances of a successful visa application process. Take note that additional documents may be required based on individual circumstances or the purpose of your trip. 

Double-Check Entries In The Visa Application Form

Even a minor mistake might cause unnecessary delays and rejection of your Dubai Visa application. The significance of accurate and error-free application forms cannot be stressed enough. Mistakes or discrepancies in your personal information, passport details, or travel plans can raise red flags and lead to unnecessary complications during the application review process.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid while filling the Dubai visa application form from UK:-

  • Spelling Error- Make sure that there are no spelling errors including your name, passport number, and other personal detailsand matches the information on your passport
  • Incomplete Information- Fill in every required field in the form, leaving no sections blank or unanswered 
  • Inconsistencies- Verify that the details provided in various sections of the form align with each other. Inconsistencies or contradictory information can create confusion and raise concerns during the visa review process.

Make Sure That Your Documents Are Up To Date

One most crucial thing of a successful Dubai visa application is ensuring thatall your documents are up to date and meet the specified requirements failing to which can cause unnecessary problems. While applying for a Dubai visa from UK make sure that:-

  • Check the expiration date of your passport and make that it has at least six-months of validity from the day of your expected arrival in the UAE
  • Depending on your nationality or visa type, there may be additional requirements such as a health certificate or criminal record check. 
  • Make sure that there are no irregularities or inconsistency in all of the documents and matches what you have entered in the visa application form
  • Missing or outdated documents can be easily overlooked but may result in complications later on. Take the time to carefully review each document before submitting your Dubai visa application.

Apply Online With

Applying for your Dubai visa online has numerous benefits, it makes the visa application procedure convenient and effecient. is one such online Dubai visa service provider which offers a user-friendly interface a streamlined application process, and a team of visa experts to assist you throughout. In case you encounter any difficulties or have specific queries, a dedicated team of visa experts is available to provide guidance and support.

Here Is How You Can Apply For Dubai Visa Online With

Step 1

Head over to

Step 2 

Enter your nationality and the country you are traveling from (in this case, the UK).

Step 3

Look for the visa type you wish to apply for and click the "Apply Now" button.

Step 4

Fill out the application form with accurate and complete details.

Step 5

Upload the required documents such as your passport, photographs, and national ID if required.

Step 6

Choose a convenient payment method and make the payment securely.

Keep A Note Of Your Visa Application Reference Number

After applying for your Dubai visa online you will receive a application reference number. This number serves as a unique identifier throughout the visa processing period. In case you need to reach out to authorities or customer support regarding any issues or inquiries related to your visa application, providing the reference number will help you assist your more efficiently. 

Keep Track Of Your Visa Application

You can keep track of your visa application to stay updated on its progress. Tracking your visa application allows you to know whether it has been approved, rejected or still in process. You can track your Dubai visa application with, here is how to do it:-

  • Visit the Official Tracking Website: Head over to,
  • Enter Your Reference Number: Locate your visa application reference number that was provided to you during the application process and enter it into the box provided on the tracking website.
  • Submit and Check Status: After entering your reference number, click on the submit button and wait for the page to load. You will then be able to see the status of your visa application. The status could be displayed as Approved, Rejected, In Process, or Pending.
  • Stay Updated: Check back regularly to stay informed about any updates or changes in your visa application status.


How can I apply for Dubai visa from UK?

You can apply for a Dubai visa from UK with for a streamlined and convenient application proces.

How much is a visa from UK to Dubai?

The prices of Dubai visas are as follows:

  • 14 Days SINGLE VISA ENTRY: 139 GBP
  • 30 Days SINGLE VISA ENTRY: 149 GBP
  • 60 Days SINGLE VISA ENTRY: 299 GBP

Can I apply for Dubai visa online?

Yes, you can easily apply for a Dubai visa online from UK through

Can I get Dubai visa on arrival as a UK citizen?

Yes, you can get a visa on arrival if you are citizen of United Kingdom


Applying for a Dubai Visa from UK requires careful planning and attention. By following these 8 simple tips discussed in this article, you can complete your application process smoothly while increasing your chances of a successful approval. Each tip mentioned above in this post whether it's applying early, choosing the right type of visa, double-checking entries in the form, or tracking your application ensures a seamless experience.If you're planning to visit this enchanting destination from the UK, be sure to take these tips into consideration for a hassle-free experience when Applying for a Dubai Visa from the UK. 

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