A Day at the Burj Khalifa: Top Attractions and Experiences

A Day at the Burj Khalifa: Top Attractions and Experiences
May 23, 2024

Being 828 Meters Tall piercing the Sky, Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the entire world and it is famous for its architectural uniqueness as well as the art and science put together. Not only is it famous for being the tallest but it also has many things that you can do such as book a stay, eat at the highest restaurants or just be paranoid by watching the city from the highest point capturing the sight of the lights from top of the tallest building,the Burj khalifa. Let us find out what are the things that one can do in their visit to this majestic building and also the experience they can get with a visit to this awesome place. We will take a look at the top 8 of our favorite things so get your Dubai Visa so together we can experience and be a part of so fasten your seatbelts and let us check out the list.

Best 8 Things To Do At Burj Khalifa

Here is the list of what people and we personally love to experience at our Dubai Tour in the Burj Khalifa. But before this, make sure you have checked the burj khalifa ticket price according to your travel date.

Reach at The Top of Burj Khalifa

Ready to start your journey at the, to begin with, get ready to see a jaw-dropping scene as soon as you enter the elevator. Feel the greatness of the great man-made structure, burj khalifa view from top that is loved by everyone and with your efforts to climb up the tallest building, you will receive a blissful view in return, you can step on the glass floor to experience a levitating experience or take part in other fun activities that you will notice at the top of the great Burj khalifa 148 floor.

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Enjoy a Live Fountain Show from High Up

Imagine a fountain with lights in sync with the surrounding music and the heights of water crossing above 500 Ft. All this is also a part of a Visit to Burj Khalifa and the best part is that you will not need to stand by the viewpoint anywhere far from the fountain but you will be on the observation deck that is on the top of the Burj Khalifa and will be enjoying the Fountain show from a new perspective that not everyone can experience. So make sure to add this to your to-do list on your burj khalifa tour.

Relax at The Armani Hotel Spa

Leave away all the hustle of your life and let all your problems melt away as you enter the Spa. You also need rest and there is no better place than this which soothes your body and mind. The minimalist views of the interiors are another soothing experience to the eyes and all this was curated by the iconic fashion house. Give yourself a moment of relaxation while you leave the massage experts to take care of your happiness, enjoy every second of the experience as moments like these are rare. Take a Steam bath and freshen yourself after you are done.

Work Out at The Burj Club

Feeling unbeatable? Yes we have the option where you can workout at the Gym, burn your fats and stress together and at the same time go towards being fit and active. Feel the atmosphere at the tallest building and working out here just feels insanely wonderful as an experience you would not want to miss if you have the chance. Get yourself together and do the workout you love, light, heavy cardio or any one that pleases you.

Unwind at The Lounge

Treat yourself to some serious relaxation at The Lounge. Forget fancy words and stuffy vibes as this place is all about chilling out in comfort. Relax on the most luxurious and comfortable sofas and in the cozy atmosphere and enjoy its mouthwatering drink or a snack. It is a great place to rest and make a brief shift from active tourism toward a more laid-back experience that Dubai has to offer. This will be a great exchange of spectacular views of a city to comfortable sofas and a glass of cool beverage – don’t you agree?

Dine at At.mosphere

The average cost of a normal dine per person is around AED 200 so you can have an idea at the costing and luxury this place has to offer. At.mosphere could easily be amongst the most famous dining spots in Dubai given that it is situated on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa. One of its biggest advantages would have to be the breathtaking aerial views of Dubai which is located over 1000 feet above the ground, while eating, thus offering patrons glimpses of the city skyline, the gulf, and the desert if they look out the windows. Ambiance, the beautiful and classy appearance of the dining area also plays a big role. At.mosphere is famous for its remarkable service quality given by the neat, professional employees. It is quite costly compared to other restaurants, and a meal at the restaurant is generally considered a special occasion which is usually out for a special date night or to mark a special occasion. 

Stroll Around Burj Park

Situated along the backdrop of the magnificent Burj Khalifa, Burj Park is one of the prominent green zones in the heart of Downtown Dubai. While entering the park, we see palm trees, beautiful gardens and dancing fountains that give us a feeling to escape from the high-rising buildings of the city and get into a tranquil territory. After which we see some curving pathways and pavonite, asking us to stop now and then to watch the graceful fountains dance and also capture the magnificent skyline of Dubai within the park. Part of the play area, children love this place and happily play and parents can rest at the benches while on the other part, people do exercises at the open-air gymnasium.

Head Over to Candylicious for a Sugar Rush

Candylicious is surely sweet to the eyes and to the tongue too so make sure that this place is included if you are a die-hard fan of candies and other sweet delights. The shop also displays various scrumptious sweets, lollipops, and chocolates in fascinating forms and sizes. This one thousand square meters store will capture your attention with the realistic Giant Lollipop tree created out of cotton candy and real lollipops. With our streamlined Dubai Visa Process, you can apply for a Visa within minutes.


All these can be covered in a single day with your Visit to Burj Khalifa, so grab your travel bag, pack, get a Dubai Visa Online, and come get an unforgettable experience in Burj Khalifa. From taking a walk that feels like a walk in the Air to enjoying working out in a Gym at the highest location, that is never imagined. Get yourself a Burj Khalifa ticket and nothing is stopping you from visiting this gorgeous building filled with thrills and joy.

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