Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai: Accommodation, Dining, and Facilities
Jul 11, 2024

Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai: Accommodation, Dining, and Facilities

Jumeirah beach stretched long the cost like a golden ribbon. Here you will find a line of hotels with views of the Arabian Gulf. One such is the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai that are more than just a place to rest, it’s rather a place to experience and enjoy luxury and comfort. Shaped like a wave, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel Dubai is a place where families, friends and solo travellers can find fun, peace and luxury and this blog is all about it. In this post, we will share everything you must know before visiting the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai. So sit tight grab your Dubai visa online and get ready to discover the best hotels in Dubai. hotels on jumeirah beach make a unmatchable view.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai is a great place to relax and enjoy. It is a big hotel with a dedicated beach for guests making it one of the best hotels on Jumeirah. It has a great look as it is shaped like a wave and has big windows that go from the floor to the ceiling offering views of the Arabian Gulf. Having more than 10 restaurants and 5 swimming pools to choose from, it makes a perfect hotel. 

Ocean Deluxe Rooms

Ocean deluxe rooms in Jumeirah Beach Hotel are special suites that feature big windows that offer views of the beach and the Arabain Gulf. These suites are huge and have a king-sized bed. The rooms have a TV, a safe for your things, and even a place to make tea and coffee for yourself. 

Family Rooms

If you are visiting with your family, Jumeirah Beach Hotel Dubai offers special family rooms, these rooms are spacious and have a lot of space to accommodate everyone in your family. Family rooms have big beds and sofas where you can sit and talk. The hotel also has a kids club where children can play around and have fun. You can even go to the beach with your family or enjoy the infinity pool on the rooftop. 

Suites And Villas

Suites and Villas in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel are the epitome of luxury accommodations. There are various types of suites and villas within the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, a few have one bedroom while some have two or even three bedrooms. The suites include all the modern amenities and offer exceptional services. They also have private pools for you to relax in peace while enjoying the views of the beach and Arabian Gulf. 

Exceptional Dining Experiences

dining at Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai also offers amazing restaurants where you can enjoy exquisite and hand-crafted dishes prepared by expert chefs. Here are some restaurants in Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai that you must visit once.


Beachcomber is a cool place right by the beach. You can visit here with your family while enjoying the views of the stunning skyscrapers and the Arabian Gulf. Beachcombers’ menu is inspired by Asian countries and you can try a lot of different dishes. They have a big buffet for breakfast and dinner. 

Villa Beach 

Villa Beach is yet another great restaurant to enjoy culinary delights. It’s very close to the beach so you can hear and sense the ocean while dining. It is a chic restaurant that serves seafood and dishes from places near the sea like the Mediterranean. It is one of the most popular beachside restaurants in Dubai

La Parrilla 

Located on the 25th Floor of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai, imagine the sheer view of Dubai’s skyline from the 25th floor. You can see the whole city. It serves a variety of food from South American dishes such as steak to South Asian curries. It has a lively atmosphere you will enjoy the music and the overall vibe at this place. 

Activities and Entertainment

Dubai is known for its numerous adventure activities and entertainment options, and Jumeirah Beach Hotel promises the same. There are numerous things and activities that you can do in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel such as the spa, waterpark, etc. Here is a quick guide to the top activities and entertainment options at Jumeirah Beach Hotel In Dubai. 

Wild Wadi WaterPark

Wild Wadi Water Park is a big water park with lots of slides and a pool. It is an ideal place for you if you are visiting with your family or friends. It has over 30 breathtaking rides. There’s even a separate play area specially designed for kids, it also features rides for kids. You can ride on waves, slide down from the ride or just relax by the poolside. The waterpark is themed around Juha, a character from Arabian stories. 

Talise Spa

Talide Spa is one of the most sought-after spas in Dubai. You can visit the spa after a day of exploration to relax and unwind. They have 10 rooms where you can get massages and other natural treatments. It has a calm vibe and includes elements that make you feel calm and relaxed. They use special products that are good for your skin and body. 

Fitness Center

It’s a big gym with numerous gyming machines and equipment. You can exercise while looking at the sea plus, they have trainers who can help you during your workout. There are also yoga sessions that anyone can attend. If you love sports, it also has a tennis court and a running track too. 

Family-Friendly Activities

Family-Friendly Activities

When you are on a family holiday, it becomes very important to find a place where everyone can have fun and be happy. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai is one of those places. It has a lot of things that make it perfect for families. 

Kids Club

The Kids Club at Jumeirah Beach Hotel is a place specially designed for kids. Kids can spend their whole day here playing. It is near to the kid's pool so after playing in the water, they can go straight to the club. Kids aged 2 to 12 are allowed in the Kids Club. Kids can indulge in art and craft activities, play games and make new friends. There are professional caretakers present throughout who look after the kids. jumeirah beach holidays are very special for kids.

Family Pool

As the name suggests, the Family pool is a perfect place to enjoy if you are with your family. It’s not too deep making it safe for children. There are comfortable sitting facilities by the pool. The pool is near the Jumeirah Beach Hotel’s Private Beach area, which means you can even enjoy a less crowded and more enjoyable beach experience.

Nearby Attractions To Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Jumeirah Beach Hotel is located in the middle of the city meaning you can also explore marvellous attractions nearby. Here are some stunning nearby attractions:-

  • Burj Al Arab: Burh Al Arab is just next to Jumeirah Beach Hotel. It’s one of the most sought-after and renowned hotels in Dubai.
  • Souk Madinat Jumeirah: It’s like an old market but inside it’s modern and cool. You can make a short walk to reach there.
  • Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood: It is an old town in Dubai featuring old buildings and museums that take you back in time. You can learn about Dubai’s history and see how people used to live in old times.
  • The Palm Jumeirah: Palm Jumeirah is a man-made island offering numerous activities and attractions. It is close to Jumeirah Beach Hotel, where you can visit to indulge in various adventure activities.
  • Dubai Marina: It is a place where boats are parked and have places for shopping, malls and numerous stunning buildings. 


Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai offers an unforgettable experience with its comfortable rooms, amazing boutique restaurants and top-notch facilities. No matter what purpose you are visiting, Jumeirah Beach is sure to give you a memorable and luxurious experience throughout your stay. Additionally, with its amazing all-inclusive services, you can even take your kids along with your family to the beach. If you are visiting Dubai consider a stay in Jumeirah Beach Hotel for a really memorable stay. What are you waiting for now? Get your Dubai visa online now and you can also track Dubai Visa Status Online, and fly to Dubai for a memorable experience.