Exploring Dubai Safari Park Tour: A Wildlife Adventure in 2024-25
Jun 26, 2024

Exploring Dubai Safari Park Tour: A Wildlife Adventure in 2024-25

I bet the first thing that comes to your mind when we talk about Dubai Safari Park is its animals. We all love animals and would love to spot any on our Dubai Trip while we take our Safari Park ride but when can we take the best Safari Rides? You cannot just choose any Dubai Safari Park and spot some crazy animals, for this, you will need to research everything, from the park to the animals that reside and their usual spotting timings. So we keep you free from all this trouble and have done all the hard work for you. Follow along with Dubai-Visa and find the best Safari Dubai Park where you would want to invest your time in and get the best out of your Dubai Trip. Bring an end to your planning and make this a reality, pack your bags and apply for a Dubai Visa to easily avail a visa and come visit Dubai!

Park Zones and Attractions

African Village

The name says it all, this is a place where you get to see all the animals that belong to the lands of Africa. Get to experience and get a glimpse of the world’s largest and smallest land mammals that belong to this park. Yes, we are talking about the African elephant and the Meerkat. This place holds various other animals such as gorillas, cheetahs, lions, hyenas, etc that you can spot during the day easily with an experienced tour guide of this Dubai Zoo.

Asian Village

Based on a complete Asian theme, it is a habitat for all the Asian animals that are available. It is famous for the Moon Bear which can be easily spotted during the broad daylight. You can take a seat and watch the daily show in the Asian Village Theater where you can see the natural behavior and lifestyle of Asian creatures, their eating habits and everything you would like to know. You can only try out this park if you have the Dubai safari park tickets so get yours now!

Arabian Desert Safari

Based on the authentic desert lifestyle of the Arab, this is a glimpse of the nomadic Peninsula from years ago, and is famous for the Arabian Wolf found here. Other animals that are found here are the Arabian Oryx, Addax, gazelle, Sand gazelle, Mountain gazelle and Scimitar-horned Oryx that calls for a Dubai Safari Park tour.

Wadi Area

We all get tired and the Dubai Safari Park has taken care of that for its visitors as well. You can come to the Wadi Park to regain your energy for going to the remaining spots. You can have your meal at the restaurants and kiosk available at the wadi park while you enjoy the calm place with a view of ducks, peacocks and other beautiful birds chilling in the wadi area themselves.

Activities and Experiences

Safari Journeys

The Dubai Zoo Safari is a part of the activities of the Park and is the best way to experience and get around the park while you can spot the animals mentioned in the villages above. There are different safaris categorized as per the location and the places it covers. The only activity you would not want to miss after making it to the park are its different safaris as it plays the most important role helping us to get along the park.

Interactive Shows

The park also hosts shows on a regular basis ( almost everyday ) so make sure to check on the schedule of the shows and its venues in order to be a part of such shows which brings you close to nature and its residing animals. Take part actively and fill yourself with information that you cannot imagine without making it to the show hosted by the Safari Park.

Kids' Activities

The Dubai Safari park has what the kids would love to take part in, just like interacting with the farm animals such as the Sheep, Pony, Goats, Ducks, Birds and others. Also there is a feeding session for the birds where the kids can actively take part and feed the birds that actively boosts a friendly connection between the young minds and the animals.

Conservation Efforts

We are in serious need of conserving our nature as due to the continuous development struggle of humans has ruined the lifestyle and habitat of the animals and due to which some animals are at the face of extinction therefore we must take a deep look into preserving the life and habitat of the animals.

To support this, the Safari Zoo Dubai is playing an important role in conserving and providing a favorable habitat to the creatures where they can stay and survive. Also to ensure that people are aware of the fact that preserving wildlife is important, the park has come up with shows that encourage engagement in saving the wildlife.

Dining Option In The Park

This place has 4 different restaurants around the 4 villages situated here, they are mentioned below,

La Venecia : This restaurant offers delectable Italian fare, including pizza, spaghetti, and drinks. Savor the distinct atmosphere and beautiful perspective. The ideal location to refuel and begin your journey is La Vencia.

Bait Al Qadeem : If you are looking to try our local Arabian food, this is where you should land. With the menu so good, the atmosphere even better and what you get to eat. With the perfect blend 0f spices you will feel the flavors filling you up with happiness after you are tired taking the tour of the park.

Oregano : Fill your italian fetish with a visit to this restaurant that offers complete italian looks and feels with the best italian dishes. Completely family friendly and the best place where you can enjoy your meal amidst nature.

Local House : This restaurant draws inspiration from the rich customs that have been passed down through the years from one generation to the next. Local House adheres to its heritage of Mediterranean cuisine. Prepare to enjoy authentic Mediterranean cuisine with a setting that evokes memories of the region and tastes that speak to the nation's past.

Visitor Information

  • Opening Hours : 10 AM until 6:30 PM

  • Ticket Prices : The ticket price can vary but starts from ₹1,200 and can go upto ₹ 6,000 per day depending on your safari.

  • Facilities : 

1. You can book a super taxi and it can help you travel to the destinations within the park for AED 10 that is for adults and kids will need 5 AED per destination.

2. Restaurant at every corner.

3. Affordable tickets and food.

Parking and Transportation

Parking At Dubai Safari Park

The Dubai Safari Park is next to three parking lots. 

  • The VIP parking lot, P1, is the one next to the park's main entrance. There are two electric charging stations for eco-friendly cars and 540 covered parking spaces.
  • P2 is located five minutes' walk from the main entrance and features 740 parking spaces.
  • P3 is the farthest from the main gate, it contains 1700 parking spots. Nevertheless, if a shuttle is available, you can use it to get to the main entrance for free.

This would not be a surprise but all the parking lots are free of cost for visitors to use.

How To Get There With Ease

By Car : The best and most convenient way to arrive at the park is by car. You should have no trouble getting to Dubai Safari Park if you just enter it as your destination. 

Via Taxi : We advise using a taxi to go to the park directly if you don't have your own vehicle. In addition to being accessible around-the-clock, seven days a week, they run on controlled meters.
The RTA website provides additional information about taxis in Dubai.

Via Bus : Taking a bus that lets you off at the bus station close to Dragon Mart 2nd Terminus is the most affordable method to travel to Dubai Safari Park if you're on a tight budget. To go to the park, you can take a taxi from here for about 25 AED. To get to this station, take the N30 or 50 bus.

Through Metro : With the Dubai Metro, you can have an opulent experience without breaking the bank. The closest metro station is Rashidiya Metro Station, but you'll still need to take a taxi, which can run you up to 40 AED, from there. Alternatively, you can take a bus to the Dragon Mart bus stop from here. 


Q: What animals can you see at Dubai Safari Park?

A: You can see various animals, from African Elephants to Mountain gazelle.

Q: Are there any guided tours available?

A: Yes, you can check our Dubai Tour Packages for guided tours on this location.

Q: What are the dining options within the park?

A: There are 4 dining options within the park and each one offers a different experience and is located in every village of this park.


This is all the Dubai safari has to offer and it is gonna be way more fun than how it looks in the post. Make sure to fulfill the Dubai Visa Requirements and move forward to apply. We understand that it would be almost impossible to resist doing a Dubai Visa Check in order to check if your Dubai Visa has been processed so that you can hop on this journey to enjoy, learn and experience nature.