Dubai Visit Visa New Rules For Indian Citizens: Updated Rules
Jun 24, 2024

Dubai Visit Visa New Rules For Indian Citizens: Updated Rules

Immigration Authorities in the UAE have recently updated Dubai visit visa new rules and regulations for visitors to Dubai which affects many Indians who are visiting Dubai or are planning a trip to UAE. Before you apply for a Dubai visa, it is important to be abreast of Dubai Tourist Visa's new rules that were rolled out recently. In this complete guide, we will cover everything important about the Dubai visit visa new rules today. From application procedures and the required documents, Dubai Visa Check and to the recent changes in visa policy. Stay tuned as we dissect the most recent guidelines and discover useful information about Dubai visit visa new rules today!

Understanding The Dubai Visit Visa

A Dubai visit visa in 2024 is a valid document that permits individuals access to Dubai visit for tourism reasons, to visit family and friends, to conduct business, or to simply explore as a tourist. This visa is required for those who are not able to travel to the UAE visa-free. Anyone who wants the Dubai Visit Visa must submit documents, such as photos of their passport, passport-size photographs, itineraries, etc, to complete the smooth online procedure.

Who Will Be Impacted by the New Dubai Visit Visa Regulations?

The changes introduced in the Dubai tourist visa rules apply to everyone who is trying to apply for a Dubai visit visa online. The major update is for Indians who have UK, and EU Resident Permits, or US Green Cards. Earlier, individuals with any of the above permits could apply for pre-approved visas on arrival in Dubai and remain for 14 days, before an extension if necessary.

Updates In The New Visa Rules?

As a result of the Dubai tourist Visa new rules, pre-approved Dubai visas for Indian citizens who have US Green Card, UK Or EU Resident permits have been revoked, meaning that even if you have a Resident permit of the countries mentioned above; you will have to apply for a pre-approved visa unlike before, when you would have gotten a visa on arrival at the airport. Following the change, a Dubai visa is now available to Indian passport holders who are qualified for a visa upon entry into the UAE and must obtain a pre-approved UAE visa online before traveling into the UAE.

Updated Criteria for Obtaining a Dubai Visit Visa

The recent Dubai tourist visa regulations have revised eligibility criteria for Indian nationals who hold a US, UK, or EU Resident permit. To be eligible for obtaining a Dubai visit visa applicants must be sure that:

  • The applicant must have at least AED 3000 or equivalent in his bank account

  • Dubai visit visa applicant must submit a confirmed return or onward journey ticket

  • If the purpose of the visit is to see relatives, friends, or family, make sure to provide information about your host such as their address, name, contact information, etc

  • If you are visiting for tourism, ensure to submit your hotel booking slips

Types of Dubai Visit Visas Explained

There are a variety of Dubai travel visas and each one serves specific functions and durations. Here is a list of all Dubai visa types:





  • 60-Days Single Entry Dubai Visa

  • 60-Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa

  • 90-Days SINGLE ENTRY Dubai Visa

  • 90-Days MULTIPLE ENTRY Dubai Visa

  • 96 Hours Dubai Transit Visa

  • 48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa

Extending Dubai Visit Visas: Updated Guidelines and Procedures

Dubai's new rules on visit visas provide that if you feel you are needing more time in Dubai it is possible to apply for an extension of your visa. The application for an extension of visa online is possible through All you need to do is connect with our team of visa experts and share your requirements. 

Guide to Applying for a Dubai Visit Visa

The process of applying for a Dubai Visa for Indian Passport Holders following the new regulations is simple. You can apply online for a visa through which offers a smooth application procedure and a user-friendly interface. Here is the procedure how to apply Dubai visa following the Dubai tourist visa new rules:

  1. Visit on your Mobile Phone or PC browser

  2. Enter general details about your nationality 

  3. Look for the type of Dubai visa you want to apply for and click on the “Apply Now” button over it

  4. Fill in the online application form ensuring that there are no incorrections or inconsistencies in your entries

  5. Upload your passport, photographs, and other additional documents as per the requirements 

  6. Pay the online application fee to submit your visa application

As soon as your application is received by the immigration authorities, you will receive a confirmation e-mail on your registered e-mail ID along with the application reference number.

Documents Required To Get A Visa Extension

The process of obtaining a Dubai visa extension can be done in certain circumstances. To obtain an extension on your Dubai visa, ensure that you have all the required documents for a Dubai visa available:

  • Passport: Make sure that you have a valid passport with at least six months of validity left 

  • Photographs: You must have scanned versions of recent passport-size photographs on a plain white background

Note: If you are a citizen of Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan make sure to submit your National IDs along with all other documents with your application


Do Indian citizens with a US Green Card need a pre-approved visa?

Indian Citizens with a US Green Card or UK and EU resident permits previously eligible for a visa on arrival must now get a pre-approved Dubai visa online before your trip.

Can Indian citizens get a long-term tourist visa for Dubai?

Yes, eligible Indian nationals can now obtain a 5-year multiple-entry tourist visa, allowing stays of up to 90 days per visit, which can be extended once for a similar period.

What is the new rule for Dubai visas for Indians?

The new rules include a 14-day visa on arrival for eligible Indian nationals with a passport valid for at least six months.


Dubai visit visa new rules include significant changes that visitors must be aware of when applying for a Dubai visa especially when it is about travelling to a foreign land. In this post, we discussed everything about the recent Dubai visa rules update outlining the new process for getting a Dubai visa for Indian citizens who have a US, UK, or EU Resident Permit. With all the information on your tips, you can apply for a Dubai without having to worry about anything. So what are you waiting for? Visit now, and grab your Dubai visa now!